Demand Response and the Electricity Chain: Technical Aspects and Business Cases
Session Chair:
Eduardo Martinez-Cesena
University of Manchester, UK
Pierluigi Mancarella
University of Manchester, UK

This session will look at the different aspects of demand response (DR) from small customers (e.g., at the commercial and neighbourhood levels) in the electricity sector. This includes, but it is not limited to:
(i) technical aspects related to communications, uses of DR (e.g., for peak shaving and valley filling), and payback effects, among others;
(ii) commercial aspects such as market effects, competition between services provided by DR providers (e.g., aggregators) and other actors (e.g., generators), and so forth, and
(iii) business aspects related to the benefits and costs that different actors involved in the provision of DR (e.g., active customers, communications providers, aggregators, and so forth) may incur under different business models.

The session aims at providing a comprehensive overlook of DR from some of the most relevant perspectives for its successful deployment on a large-scale.