Electrical Vehicles in Cities
Session Chair:
Peter Virtic
University of Maribor, Slovenia

Electrical vehicles, especially cars are future of traffic. But this future is still far away. Currently there are lots of problems with vehicles themselves and much needed infrastructure. There are also some transitional solutions such as adaptation of vehicles with internal combustion engines to hybrid or fully electric vehicles. This special session will deal with above mentioned themes. Therefore papers should present actual problems and solutions regarding electric vehicles and adaptations regarding electric or hybrid vehicles, but it is not limited to those themes.

  • ● Franjo Pranjic
  • - Comparison of the Efficiency of Drives with Different Energy Sources for Small City Buses
  • ● Mario Vrazic
  • - Electric Vehicle Number Assessment for Year 2020 in Croatia
  • ● Zeljko Hederic
  • - Modeling of a Serial Hybrid Powertrain for Busses in the City of Osijek, Croatia
  • ● Mario Vrazic
  • - Study of a Vehicle Conversion from Internal Combustion Engine to Electric Drive