1. Future Power and Energy Systems
Transmission system modeling and simulation
Transmission system planning: TSO of the future
Control methods and real-time operation
System integration of RES
Advances in RES technology
Advances in forecasting techniques
Energy market operation and simulation
Regulatory issues
Application of optimization techniques to power systems
Large-scale storage systems
Transition from power to energy system
Reliability and protection
HV equipment testing
2. Low Carbon Distributed Energy Systems
Distributed energy sources: grid integration and control
Distribution system planning: DSO of the future
DC and AC microgrids: concepts beyond isolated power systems
Off-grid solutions
Smart buildings as energy islands
Energy storage: role, impact, economics, technology
Cogeneration - trigeneration - multi-generation systems
Interconnected infrastructures
Energy efficient buildings and homes
Flexible demand: smart homes, real-time pricing, electro-thermal shifting potentials
Renewable heating: modeling, potential, economics, policy
Forecasting methods for smart systems: RES, demand, energy prices
Smart cities: visions and solutions
Aggregator role
3. Sustainable Transportation Systems
Batteries for electric vehicles
Fully electric vehicles
Hybrid and fuel cell electric vehicles
Electric power trains
Energy management of transportation systems
Urban and neighbourhood mobility
Water mobility
Policy of sustainable transportation systems
Electric vehicles and electricity market
4. Advances in Energy Conversion
Power electronics for electrochemical apparatus, energy storage and UPS
Electrical machines and drives
Power electronics for grid interface, power quality, power factor compensation, filtering techniques
Power electronics for energy from renewables
High efficiency electrical machines and drives for energy saving
Powertrain for ship propulsion and electric vehicles
Power transformers
5. ICT in Energy
Communication networks, protocols and technologies for smart grids
Architecture, models and network protocols
Smart energy measurements
Smart grid monitoring and control
Signal processing and compression of power grid sensors data
Privacy and cybersecurity
Standardization and regulation
Field trials and deployments
6. The Future of Gas in Power Sector
Natural gas and power markets
Large-scale gas to power generation
Shale gas - opportunities and challenges
Power-to-gas: energy storage system of the future